“I have a dream ” Said by Martin Luther King. We all have dreams. When you opened your salon you had a dream, a vision, a purpose. Then reality set in, and you feel like your dream is slowly drifting away like a ship in the night. What once was a dream has turned into a nightmare. I’ve watched this play out for over 25 years. In my own career struggles I’ve always had the willingness to seek out what ever info I needed to improve my present situation. And for so many years I struggled with trying to understand why seeking out information and executing it was so difficult for so many salon owners. I enrolled in a professional coaching program which helped me understand the psychology of people better and how “learned helplessness “and the “5 faces of oppression” play such a key roll in peoples ability to adapt ad change when needed. From there my journey began, As a young black girl raised in a lower middle class family with an extended family living in poverty. I new all too well about engrained mindsets, Take this journey with me to help unravel how this mindset has permeated our salon business and is on of the #1 reason our BLACK salons are failing.

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